I can hardly believe it…

Stephanie Beach Photography at the Magazine Stand Ottawa Wedding Magazine SpringSummer 2015There have been quite a few announcements from us so far in 2015. Most of them have been upgrades to our services that I have been working on for quite some time (like our new Wedding Registries program and Online Store), but the a few were truly a dream come true!! I can hardly believe it, but this month we were published in both online and print publications!!!

I have been working very hard on submitting weddings here and there, trying to write as well as I could (as you know this isn’t really a strength for me) and working with my past brides to come up with the best submissions, but to be honest, I didn’t really expect any of the submissions to come to fruition. But it was worth a try, and you know what they say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So after submitting, I just waited. I figured I wouldn’t hear much, if anything at all, but then the emails started coming in…

First from Sarah who let me know that my images were in the Spring/Summer 2015 edition of Ottawa Wedding Magazine!! The article is all about backyard weddings and highlights a few of the images from Sarah + Anders’ own backyard wedding. You should go pick up a copy from your local grocery or book store (I found ours at Chapters [where Dave took the above photo of me with his phone], but I know it is at our regular grocery store too). You can also check out the online copy here.

Ottawa Wedding Magazine Stephanie Beach Photography

Then later I received an email letting me know that Nat + Sean’s super fun movie-themed wedding was on Pretty Pear Bride (this was actually the first submission that got published and was posted on our Social Media streams as Announcement #2 for this year).


I have been holding in the news of all of these publications for so long!! Seriously, I am horrible with secrets but I wanted to keep this stuff quiet until I knew it was actually going to happen…and it has!!! It is so completely surreal to see my work in these wonderful ways. For so long I have used images from sources like these to fuel my own creativity (and when I was planning my own wedding), and to be there amongst all the other fantastic photographers is very humbling. And to see my work published in a magazine truly is a dream come true. This one I knew was coming for a while, but it didn’t really seem real until I was holding my it hands…it was awesome to say the least.

Special thanks to all of my couples from these weddings and all of the other vendors whose work was so lovely to shoot that it created wonderful images. Stay tuned for more great news like this in the coming months…that’s right there is going to be more!!

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