My Camera History, Part 1

My parents gave me my first camera when I was in Grade 2. At least, I am pretty sure that was my first camera, it’s the first one I remember being my own. I remember it being a neon pink 110 film camera, well, I remember that it was neon pink and used funny looking film that I now know is called 110 film. Sadly that camera is gone now, but in my head I think it looked something like this…

110 film camera

My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present on one of the best Christmases of my childhood. We were in Disney (which I now know must have cost a fortune!) and they gave us so many amazing presents to mark an even more amazing trip, one of which was this camera. I spent the rest of our trip taking photos all around Disney.

Stephanie Beach Photography Childhood Photos 01Stephanie Beach Photography Childhood Photos 02Stephanie Beach Photography Childhood Photos 03

Turns out I still had a lot to learn about photography (such as glare from windows, straight horizon lines [or really not straight horizon lines to create a Dutch tilt], back-lighting, etc.). But let’s keep in mind that I was six and had never really used a camera before. Up until this point I had just asked my parents to take photos of things for me. Like when I am told I asked my parents to stop in the different states as we drove down to Florida and take photos or when I got my mom to take photos of the Koalas at Busch Gardens earlier on in our trip (although she then opened the back of the camera before rolling the film and the photos were lost…oops). Either way, I loved being able to take my own photos and that little neon pink camera started was has become a sort of love affair with photography as I haven’t stopped photos since, and don’t ever plan to in the future either.

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