Tuesday’s Top Tips: 3 Tips for Choosing When to Have your Engagement Session

3-Tips-for-Choosing-When-to-Have-your-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySo with the help of our previous post, you have decided to have an engagement session or perhaps you knew from the get go that an engagement session was for you, either way, great, but now what? Well, let’s start by figuring out when you should have these photos taken. What season and time of day is best for your shoot will depend on what works best for you as a couple and ultimately what look and feel you have in mind for you session, but here are a few tips and suggestions to (hopefully) help you figure that all out.

  1. Choose the Right Season
    So there are obviously 4 seasons to choose from when it comes to when to have your engagement session, and for all of us in this part of the world, they can each create a very unique look and feel for your session. When you are figuring out what season is best for the two of you, think of how you feel when each season rolls around and if there is one that the two of you really love – then that is likely the right one for you!

    Winter sessions are often overlooked because of the colder temperatures, but if you can stand those, then we can create some gorgeous images! Be prepared to take your coats off during the session and get nice and cuddly. Consider bringing along props like blankets, or even hot cocoa to not only add to the photos, but help keep warm too! A winter engagement session may not be for you though if you shiver at even the idea of standing in a field of snow in mid-January.


    Spring sessions are absolutely lovely! That being said, Mother Nature has her own schedule, so if you are aiming to include those lovely pink blossoms or a particular flower in your session, be prepared to be flexible to accommodate any natural delays. That is also true for the trees and grass. Some years it takes a while for all that beautiful greenery to come in, so if you want full trees and green ground and don’t want to stress out about it all, perhaps this isn’t the right season for you.


    Summer is without question beautiful! The trees are full and it is normally easier to find a rain-free day for your session. There are nearly endless options when it comes to where to have a summer engagement session, just keep in mind the bugs as they do tend to be pretty active during these months and if you aren’t a fan of the heat (or humidity), Summer may not be for you.


    And finally there is Fall. It is by far my favourite season and I am not alone in that. This is a super busy time for pretty much all photographers as so many people want to include those stunning colours in their images. Definitely book early if you want a Fall engagement session, and keep in mind that the leaves turn a lot later than most people think (and they don’t last long either). More often than not, they are just starting to really turn come Thanksgiving, and depending on the amount of rain and wind we have, they normally only last a couple of weeks. But, one of my favourite advantages to a Fall engagement session is that you dress in layer, meaning you can add get some different looks without having to do a complete wardrobe change.


  1. Timing is Everything
    My personal favourite time of day for an engagement session is in the early evening. The sun is low in the sky creating gorgeous soft light which is oh so flattering! The lower position also allows for bringing that beautiful beam of light into your images (I love a good sun flare!). Depending on the season, evening start times range anywhere from around 4 o’clock to as late as 7pm. Really it all varies around when the sun is setting that day and what the weather is like as cloudy, rainy days result in it getting darker sooner.
    Side Tip: If you are looking to include some sunset photos in your engagement session, then an evening session is obviously a must, and a later start time will be in order.3-Tips-for-Choosing-When-to-Have-your-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography
  1. In the End, It Has to Be Right for You
    All of this being said, if you aren’t an evening person, don’t feel like you have to do an evening session. If you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning definitely chat with your photographer about doing a morning session because they can be just as lovely! And if your schedule only allows for a midday session, then a midday session it is. There are definitely ways to combat that midday sun and get you some beautiful images!

If you are still not sure what season or time of day is best for you and your engagement session, definitely check in with your photographer. They will have lots of examples to show you from each season and their own list of tips when it comes to the time of day for the shoot.

Want more useful tips and tricks for your big day? Keep an eye out all month long for special weekly editions all about getting the most out of your engagement session!!
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