Dear 2019, Thank You

Le-Belvedere-Wedding-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIt’s that time again, time for all of the end-of-year blog posts. I always start mine off with this Thank You post as a way to recognize and show appreciation for all the amazing people who let us be a part of their wedding day and so much more over the last year.

I do tend to focus on our wedding days in this particular post, as listing out the individual newborns, family and other sessions from 2019 would take forever, but I do have something planned for a different recap post a little later on.

We had a record year in 2019 with 23 weddings for 23 truly awesome couples! And I wanted to give a special shout-out to each one (and give you guys a chance to check out their stunning wedding days again).

Shannon + Erin
These two started off our 2018 weddings on a super high note as their wedding day was picture perfect. It was also freaking freezing as the wind made it -40*C … brr. But Shannon + Erin persevered and made absolute magic out in the snow!


Jolani + Josh
Our two-day wedding this year belonged to Jolani + Josh. We started with their ceremony on the first day and their reception on the second and both days were an absolute blast! This wonderful couple was even sweet enough to bring along a special cake just for me as my birthday happened to share their wedding day, so thoughtful even on their day!


Victoria + Nathan
I got to chat all things nerdy during Victoria + Nathan’s wedding day and I freaking loved every second of that! But even better than that were all the little moments throughout their wedding day that made it truly their own – and that first dance was pretty darn awesome too!


Tarah + Derek
Things got a little behind during Tarah + Derek’s wedding day, but we all rolled with it pretty darn well if I do say so myself. Their family + friends made the day really special and so much fun! And even though the rain kept us indoors for most of their wedding day, it rewarded us with a rocking sunset!


Michelle + Colin
Their wedding day ran like clockwork, a very rare thing in this industry, and I was so ecstatic with every little moment and detail Michelle + Colin had put into it all. They are two of the sweetest people out there and being able to capture this part of their lives for them was so joyful.


Miranda + Jason
Miranda + Jason’s sense of humour was such a perfect match for mine and I love how they filled their wedding day with it! Their beautiful details from this very talented crafter mized with all the wonderfulness that is Miranda + Jason made the most perfect wedding day which was somehow made even better by a gorgeous glowy sunset!


Rowan + Andrew
Rowan + Andrew had a gorgeous day filled with some pretty hilarious people (themselves included of course) and beautiful details. Plus, any wedding day that includes a Ferrari, an impromptu visit to an ice cream truck, and a mid-wedding day beer break is a pretty darn good wedding day, if I say so myself!


Melissa + Rami
To say that this wedding was energetic would be the understatement of the decade! I still don’t know how Melissa + Rami kept going all day long, but they did and I am so glad they did as every second of their wedding day was complete magic! And Melissa in that dress and veil — sheer perfection!!


Katherine + Mike
Their wedding day was literally the hottest day of the year! So much so that it broke records. I was running around in a sweat all day long and yet, somehow these two made it all look effortless! But better than that, they are just so darn lovely and adorable, and being a part of their wedding was so joyful!


Kaitlin + Andrew
Theirs was the first wedding day we went to after getting our puppy Kaylee, but leaving her at home for the first time was made easy as Kaitlin + Andrew had planned a stunning wedding day and filled it to the brim with some pretty awesome and super fun people! They were gorgeous and all around wonderful to work with and I am so glad we got to be a part of it all!


Brittany + Mike
We hear some really good speeches in our line of business, but I think this was the first time where the house rules were made truly funny! Brittany + Mike had surrounded themselves with some hilarious and super fun people, which doesn’t surprise me at all as these two themselves are just the best!!


Sarah + Kelvin
Things may have started a touch later than planned, but the wait was so worth it as Sarah + Kelvin nailed every single thing about their wedding day! Their first look was so sweet and special and things just got better and better as the day proceeded. I am so happy and feel so lucky to have been a part of their wedding day.


Mariah + Benjamin
Never before have I seen such a stunning backyard wedding! Mariah + Ben, their friends and families had put in such care and attention into their wonderful wedding day and it resulted in a lovely backdrop for an even lovelier couple. But what really stands out from this wedding day is the love between and for this awesome couple, and of course for little Bennett, who was the real star of the day 😉


Jennifer + Philippe
Jen + Phil’s wedding day was almost spoiled by rain, but lucky for all of us the weather gods favoured us all and allowed us to take advantage of the two wonderful venues they had booked for their big day. These two are such down-to-earth, lovely people and surrounded themselves with like-minded friends + family and it all made for such a beautiful wedding day!


Sarah + Isabelle
Breathtaking is really the only appropriate word for Sarah + Isabelle’s wedding day. The decor, details, venue, attire – all of it was truly breathtaking. Even the way Sarah + Izzy looked at each other, and the way they so clearly love one another, was breathtaking. It was the sort of thing you see in movies, and when you see it in real life you know you are in the presence of true love.


Casandra + Alex
I definitely fell for these two the moment we met and with good reason as Cas + Alex are so kind, thoughtful and adorable! The way they support and love one another was abundantly clear from that very first meeting and was matched all day long during their wedding by not only them, but all of their friends + family as well!


Natasha + Jon
I already had two weddings for the week and I had told myself I would leave the rest of the weekend free, but the moment I met Natasha + Jon I knew I had to be a part of their wedding. And I am so glad I made that call because it was so wonderful and these two really are true salt-of-the-earth people who deserve all the happiness in the world!


Hannah + Curtis
I often mention how cute and lovely my couples are, but Hannah + Curtis may actually top the list on that one! Their wedding day was so touching and sweet and filled with some pretty darn hilarious moments. It really was one of those weddings where I felt so honoured and lucky to be a part of it all!!


Leandra + Lucas
They may just have had some of the funniest wedding speeches ever (especially Luke’s) and their wedding party (and the couple too) were so much freaking fun to be around that their wedding day really didn’t feel like work at all. And then of course, the special shout out from the couple and extra biscuits from the venue in honour of it being our own wedding anniversary was pretty darn special too.


Megan + Brendan
Megan + Brendan are absolutely adorable and incredibly kind and thoughtful. Their wedding day was beautiful in literally every way! And as an added bonus, Megan’s puppy Summer got dressed up for the occasion too and it was just so darn cute!


Kirsten + Kyle
I had been looking forward to this wedding day since the moment I met these two, and that feeling got even stronger after their very snowy engagement session. Their wedding day exceeded anything I was expecting and these two were absolutely exquisite! Plus, anyone who can perform such a perfect dip kiss during a veil toss is A-okay in my books!


Samantha + Damjan
Sam + Damjan’s wedding day was just as much about family as it was about the couple themselves, and I absolutely loved that! Some people would say the kids jumping into the ceremony during the ring exchange spoiled it, but those people would be oh so very wrong as it was heartwarming and perfect in every way. Add the gorgeous sunset glow we got at the end of the day and Sam + Damjan’s wedding day was absolute magic!


Sarah + Paul
This was one for the record books and memory banks for us for sure! Not only was this a super fun Lord of the Rings themed wedding, with decor, details and cosplay to match, it was also our 100th wedding! When I started my photography career, I had a really hard time imagining this milestone so it is pretty surreal to have reached it. Ending the year on such a high and with two such wonderful people as Sarah + Paul was a true gift.


Wow, what an amazing wedding season! Thank you again to all of our couples – I can honestly say that we loved each and every one of your wedding days and I really am so incredibly honoured to have been a part of them (as is Dave, although he isn’t writing this right now).

And finally, a huge thank you to all of the vendors we have been lucky enough to work alongside in 2019. Anyone in the business knows that weddings don’t plan themselves and it takes an entire team of pros to pull them off. So thank you all for your hard work and dedication and I urge anyone reading this to check out the original blog posts for these wedding days so you can find out all the other talented professionals who helped make these weddings a reality.

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