Sheila McKee Park Anniversary Portrait Session: Karen + Jason, Sneak Peek

Anniversary-Portrait-Session-Sheila-McKee-Park-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bulldog-rhodesian-ridgeback-dogsWhen Jay reached out to me a little while ago about a surprise gift for his lovely wife Karen I jumped on board right away. Not only because the idea of an anniversary portrait session surrounded by the gorgeous fall colours sounded like a really good time, but also because Karen + Jay are two of our absolute favourite couples to date and getting to spend some more time with them is always a good idea!

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Portrait Photography: Make-A-Wish, 150 Wishes

Make-A-Wish-150-Wishes-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIf you follow us even semi-regularly, you will already know how much we love working with Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario. Not only does this charity do such amazing work in our community, but the people who work and volunteer there are truly some of the best in the world! So when they called us and asked if we wanted to be a part of a very special campaign we not only said yes, but were super happy to do so.

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In Front of the Camera

Stephanie Beach Photography Ottawa Arboretum PortraitsI don’t consider myself photogenic – I never have. In addition to this, I have always had a self-esteem issue in that I really don’t have much self-esteem whatsoever. This has gotten better over the last decade or so as I have surrounded myself with a loving and supportive group of friends (not being in high school anymore was definitely a bonus to my self-esteem too). And although it is cliche, not really wanting to be in front of the camera was in fact one of the reasons I started operating the camera to begin with. It started so long ago and has continued so persistently that I struggle to find photos of myself when I write my annual updates as it is rare that I document myself in my adventures. It is something I have noticed, and am working on.

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Event Photography: Uithyaa’s Sweet 16

A little while back I was able to share a sneak peek at Uithyaa’s Sweet 16 party. I was asked to cover the event by a fellow photographer, Smiles Photography.
The party was fantastic, Uithyaa was surrounded by friends and family and they shared an amazing meal and some super fun party games.
We had the chance to do some portraits before the party started, here are a few shots of the beautiful birthday girl (and a couple bonus photos of the delicious desserts).
Ottawa Sweet 16 PhotographyOttawa Sweet 16 PhotographyOttawa Sweet 16 PhotographyOttawa Sweet 16 PhotographyOttawa Sweet 16 Photography

Happy Birthday Sweety!

Today is my hubby’s birthday!
He is an amazing man who I love with all my heart and soul. I know it is cliche, but I honestly don’t know where I would be without him.Ottawa Portrait Photography Billings BridgeHappy Birthday Hubby!The above photos are from a morning we spent with some co-workers at the NCC park across from Billings Bridge here in Ottawa. The area is great and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!! And I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of Dave when he climbed up into the tree with his ‘Dutch shirt’ on.
I wrote this post earlier this month and scheduled it for today as we are actually on our cruise to Alaska right now. I entered his birthday as a special event in our cruise timeline. I am not entirely sure what that means, or if we get anything from the cruise line because of it, but I am hoping they do something nice for him because he certainly deserves it.