Ottawa Newborn Photography: Puppies

Ottawa-Newborn-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-PuppiesBabies are super cute and all, and I love all the tiny humans who visit me and my newborn studio, but this puppy session is seriously the cutest thing I have ever photographed!! I mean, come on, seven tiny little puppies inside a classic red wagon, it doesn’t get better than this!!

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Sheila McKee Park Anniversary Portrait Session: Karen + Jason

Anniversary-Portrait-Session-Sheila-McKee-Park-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-fall-forestI know I have said it before, in fact I am pretty sure I have said it multiple times this year alone, but we get to work with the very best couples. Amazing people who are so lovely! But when the wedding day is over, it can sometimes be a while before we get to see them again.

Our calendars are so full during the year, that we don’t get a ton of free time to hang out with people outside of weddings and other sessions – at least not during the peak seasons. Now, I’m not complaining, because I do love my job very much, but it is always great to catch up with some of the people we photographed on their wedding days and finding the time for that can be difficult. And that’s why I was so excited when Jay reached out to me about an anniversary session for him and his wife Karen!

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Sheila McKee Park Anniversary Portrait Session: Karen + Jason, Sneak Peek

Anniversary-Portrait-Session-Sheila-McKee-Park-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bulldog-rhodesian-ridgeback-dogsWhen Jay reached out to me a little while ago about a surprise gift for his lovely wife Karen I jumped on board right away. Not only because the idea of an anniversary portrait session surrounded by the gorgeous fall colours sounded like a really good time, but also because Karen + Jay are two of our absolute favourite couples to date and getting to spend some more time with them is always a good idea!

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Impromptu Cuteness

SMB_0237 copy (2)A few months ago when we were at our friend’s Hallowe’en party (hey – I said it was a few months ago), we did an impromptu pet photography session.
Dymphna is such a pretty kitty and she did a great job in front of the camera. Who would have thought that this is the same cat who hid from guests just a few years ago?! She even does a trick. Continue reading

Pet Session: Two 2

As I mentioned in Two’s sneak peek, I haven’t done a pet session in a while. Come to think of it, Two’s previous session might have been the last one I had done before this. Two is Two now and still super adorable! I tried to take a different spin on this pet session and also get some more practice with my new macro lens.
SMB_4097SMB_4201SMB_4192 SMB_4143 SMB_4176SMB_4130
Capturing all those adorable kitty details was a lot of fun and come on, look at those nose and paw freckles!!