Spring may not be here in full effect just yet, but April is and I am hopeful.
It’s Spring! Farewell
To chills and colds!
The blushing, girlish
World unfolds

Each flower, leaf,
And blade of turf –
Small love-notes sent
From air to earth.

The sky’s a herd
Of prancing sheep,
The birds and fields
Abandon sleep,

And jonquils, tulips,
DaffodilsBloom bright upon
The wide-eyed hills.

All things renew,
All things begin.
At church, they bring
The lilies in.

~John Updike.


The Tulips are Growing

The Tulip Festival isn’t until May (May 9 through 19 to be precise), but I couldn’t wait to share some photos of beautiful tulips because underneath all that snow, there are some gorgeous flowers growing.

SMB_6086 copy

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The Beauty of Winter

Ottawa WinterI have never been a big fan of heat, so for me, if I have to choose, I would go with Winter over Summer. I know, I am a super weirdo, but I have always found that though you can always add more layers to keep warm, there is a limit as to how many layer you can take off when you are hot, particularly if you are outside of your home.

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A Bit of Trivia

 The Granny Smith apple was a complete accident. In 1868, Maria Ann Smith (aka Granny Smith) accidentally grew the first batch in Ryde, New South Wales, Australia. The story goes that Granny Smith threw out some rotten apples, suspected to be French crab-apples grown in Tasmania. Later on a seedling was produced. Another story has Granny cooking away using the crab apples and throwing the cores out her kitchen window, where later on the seedling was found. Either way, she and cultivated the seedling and found that the crisp, green apples were not only good in baking but also for general consumption.

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