Impromptu Cuteness

SMB_0237 copy (2)A few months ago when we were at our friend’s Hallowe’en party (hey – I said it was a few months ago), we did an impromptu pet photography session.
Dymphna is such a pretty kitty and she did a great job in front of the camera. Who would have thought that this is the same cat who hid from guests just a few years ago?! She even does a trick. Continue reading “Impromptu Cuteness”

Pet Session: Two 2

As I mentioned in Two’s sneak peek, I haven’t done a pet session in a while. Come to think of it, Two’s previous session might have been the last one I had done before this. Two is Two now and still super adorable! I tried to take a different spin on this pet session and also get some more practice with my new macro lens.
SMB_4097SMB_4201SMB_4192 SMB_4143 SMB_4176SMB_4130
Capturing all those adorable kitty details was a lot of fun and come on, look at those nose and paw freckles!!