Testimonial Highlight #8

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyHayley + Jon’s¬†wedding was definitely one of the highlights of the 2014 wedding season, but not because of the amazing DIY details throughout the entire day, not because of the gorgeous weather we had or the beautiful fall colours, not even because of the delicious meal or the cookie table with so many delicious treats. It was a highlight because of all of the little moments where I would catch Hayley + Jon smiling at each other, just being so in love and so happy. Continue reading

Testimonial Highlight #7

Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyJenn + Jon’s wedding fulfilled a dream I had from roughly eight years ago. A dream from before I even owned a professional camera and a dream I never thought would come true. It was a very surreal and special moment getting to photograph a bride and groom in a location I had thought of so many years ago and it was so awesome to have done this with people as sweet and kind as them. Continue reading

Testimonial Highlight #6

SMB_8962 copyI have written quite a few posts about how great Teri + Greg are and how amazing it was to work with a couple who truly and deeply care for one another on so many levels. Their engagement session was one of the first times I had met Greg and from the very moment we were introduced, I knew he was absolutely perfect for Teri!! Continue reading

Testimonial Highlight #4

SMB_9099 copyWhen I went to the site for Emma + Gennaro‘s session I was a little disappointed – The one thing I really wanted to do for a shot wasn’t possible due to some new fencing installed by the City of Ottawa. But as it turned out, it ended up being the best thing that could have happened that evening – because the photos the three of us created turned out even better than I had imagined!!

Continue reading