Testimonial Highlight #3

SMB_5171There was a rather long drive before and after their shoot, but Tara + Daryl’s engagement session at Pleasure Park & Campground was simply awesome. As I drove to the session I remembered little areas and moments from all the times we visited the park when I was a kid. But this visit was very different from those and I looked at the campground with a completely different set of eyes – those of a photographer.

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Testimonial Highlight #2

SMB_7946 copyThis past fall was so cruel in terms of weather. Most weeks, it was gorgeous all week long, and then as soon as the weekend came, it would pour rain, freezing cold rain at that! But I have had some amazing clients the past few months who have been very flexible with moving dates around and with working in less than ideal conditions. Continue reading

Testimonial Highlight #1

Tooting my own horn isn’t something that comes easy to me, but I have decided to try to highlight a few of the testimonials I have received from clients over the years in a new feature. And today is the first of these features.

My Bridal Sessions was recommended to Chandra + Yan through a mutual friend. I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot and just needed the right couple who also wanted to shoot there. We had a fantastic time shooting at the Ottawa Arboretum, despite the muggy, rainy weather and in the end we got some amazing shots! The shoot was a perfect start to my 2013 wedding season and I once again want to thank Chandra + Yan for such a great session.

Ottawa Wedding Photography Arboretum
Stephanie was amazing! She made us feel comfortable and relaxed and even had us laughing during the session. Thank you so much for such a great day and for so many beautiful pictures!!!!!” ~ Chandra + Yan.

You can find a full list of the testimonials I have received on my website. Thank you all for your kind words, photography makes me indescribably happy, but knowing my work makes others happy too is the icing on the cake.