Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, Eleventh Annual 3 Wishes Gala

Make-A-Wish-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-event-Ottawa-OCECOnce the gorgeous Fall season is done, so is our regular busy season. As we are primarily wedding photographers, our off-season starts up basically when winter starts to show up and we have far fewer weddings. But it is always such a nice treat to be able to wrap up our busy season by giving back and supporting one of the many wonderful charities in the area, Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario, by capturing their annual 3 Wishes Gala.

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Ottawa Event Photography: Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope 2016

Make-A-Wish Rope-for-Hope 2016 Stephanie Beach Photography - 01I never used to think I was afraid of heights, until I was at the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, attempting to edge around the incredibly small Golden Gallery.

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Event Photography at Aberdeen Pavilion: Make-A-Wish, Four Wishes Event

Make-A-Wish Four Wishes Event Stephanie Beach PhotographySo apparently I never blogged the final images of the Make-A-Wish’s Annual Four Wishes Event, but that definitely doesn’t mean the event wasn’t absolutely amazing!

It was a bit chilly (thanks Mother Nature), and we definitely walked around the entire day with out coats and scarves on (okay, I wear a scarf all the time in non-Summer months, so saying I wore it the entire day probably doesn’t mean much), but it was oh worth it! We had so much fun and felt so lucky to be able to capture all of the amazing events that took place during the day.

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Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, 10th Annual 3 Wishes Gala

Make A Wish 3 Wishes Gala Stephanie Beach PhotographyIf there is one thing I have learned while covering weddings and events, it is that events like these don’t just plan themselves. There is a lot of time, thought and energy behind that one gorgeous day or night and when it comes to a charity event, it definitely takes an extra special breed of person to be able to pull it off.

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Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, 10th Annual 3 Wishes Gala, Sneak Peek

Make A Wish 3 Wishes Gala Stephanie Beach PhotographyWe have been so lucky this year to be a part of  Make-A-Wish events already: Wine for Wishes, the 4 Four wishes event and of course, Griffin’s wish come true. All three of these were absolute amazing. And being able to capture a wish as definitely one of the highlights of our year, without a doubt.

And just to make sure our year was even more remarkable than it already was thanks to this amazing charity, they asked us to be part of the 10th Annual 3 Wishes Gala!!

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