Ottawa Love Lock Bridge Engagement Session: Alyson + Dan

Corktown-Bridge-Ottawa-Love-Lock-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-engagementIf you have spent any time on our website, blog or social media pages you have probably noticed how much we love incorporating nature into our images as much as possible. And when you live and work in a city as nature-filled as Ottawa, it really isn’t hard.

In fact, some of our most urban sessions have had that beautiful nature feel to them in at least a handful of shots.

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Ottawa Arboretum Engagement Session: Shanna + Gilles, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Arboretum-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ring-macroRemember that really awesome surprise proposal during the Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope event earlier this month? Well a couple days ago I got to hang out with Shanna + Gilles again to capture their engagement session and boy-oh-boy, did they ever nail this shoot!

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Ottawa Love Lock Bridge Engagement Session: Alyson + Dan, Sneak Peek

Corktown-Bridge-Ottawa-Love-Lock-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-engagementFor the most part, our couples are pretty lucky with respect to weather and we don’t need to move very many of our engagement sessions around (*knock on wood*), but every year there is always one unlucky couple. That one engagement session that gets pushed back again and again because of the forecast calling for less than ideal weather. This year that honour went to Alyson + Dan (congrats guys!). We moved their session twice because of impending rain, and by the time the third date came around, we decided we were going for it no matter what the weather people were saying!

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Parliament Hill Engagement Session: Rebecca + Keith

parliament-hill-engagement-session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bridge-rideau-street-stairsOttawa photographers really are such a lucky bunch as there are so many wonderful locations in and around this city. We are even luckier when it comes to our downtown core, as unlike most city centres, our is full of great urban scenes with an abundance of nature mixed in. So when Rebecca + Keith wanted an engagement session with both an urban and rural feel, there were definitely no issues accommodating.

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Major’s Hill Engagement Session: Carla + Jean-Francois

Major-hill-park-engagement-session-stairs-ottawa-stephanie-beach-photographyI love it when couples bring along two different outfits to their engagement session: one more casual and relaxed; and the other more formal and dressed up. It allows us to essentially get two different batches of photos in one session. So when Carla + Jean-Francois asked if they could switch outfits partway through their session, I was all for it!

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