Brockville Country Club Wedding: Lisa + Joe

Brockville Country Club Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography-02The start of a wedding day is one of my favourite times. When I show up to start bridal prep coverage I walk into a house full of excitement and anticipation. And then I get to play around with all the pretties! Bridesmaids dresses, rings, flowers, paper goods and of course, the bridal gown. Putting these things together is really fun for me, and Lisa definitely made it easy too.

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Brockville Country Club Wedding: Lisa + Joe, Sneak Peek

Brockville Country Club Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 03I am going to start this wedding sneak peek post by talking about the couple’s engagement session. It may seem a little odd, but stick with me, there’s a good reason, I promise.

Engagement sessions are super fun and I like to approach them in a pretty relaxed fashion. I am not super picky how long they last, as I really just want to get to know the couple, for them to get to know me, and to get some great shots. When it came to Lisa + Joe’s engagement session, I also wanted to get to know the location, since we would be using the same one for their wedding day.

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Wall Street Church & Brockville Rowing Club Wedding: Heather + Jules

Brockville Blockhouse Island Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have mentioned before that I grew up in a small town. It was the sort of place where most everyone knew each other. You may not have known their life story, but you knew their face and name. And right next to this small town was a small city (well actually there was a tiny village or two between, but you get the point). The two went hand-in-hand in my opinion since if you lived in the small town, you likely worked in the small city and definitely needed the larger stores, etc. that were there.

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