Ottawa Wedding Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Ottawa-Wedding-Magazine-Published-FeaturedThis year has just flown by so quickly and has been so busy that I completely forgot to post about all of our amazing publications from 2016! We have been lucky to be featured in multiple magazines and online publications over the last year and I will be sharing them with you all over the next few weeks, but I am starting with one that we heard about quite a while ago and I was just completely over the moon about – the Fall/Winter 2017 edition of Ottawa Wedding Magazine.

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My Future Assistant

When Jackson was a baby he stared at my camera, it was great for taking photos of him. When he got older, he liked the sound it made. Then, in an effort to keep his little paws off my lens, I taught him how to press the shutter buttons (and better yet, taught him that he only gets to press those buttons). Without ever showing him where to look, or even showing him the back of the camera, Jackson did this earlier this year.

Jackson using my D3s

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