Glacier Bay, Alaska

SMB_1613 copyWhen I was researching our cruise to Alaska I quickly learned that there were really two options when it came to 7-day trips; the first involved going through the Tracy Arm Fjord; and the second involved going up into Glacier Bay National Park. From the name of this post you can probably figure out which option we went with, so here is the post about our trip into the Glacier Bay National Park.

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Coral Harbour

DSC_0554 copyAlmost exactly a year ago Dave traveled to Coral Harbour for work. He did a survey of a building up there and of course, I sent him along with one of my cameras. I think he did a fantastic job, especially considering that it was freaking cold (the temperature ranged from -28*C to -38*C while he was there) and he didn’t quite have warm enough clothes for the trip.
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Victoria, British Columbia

SMB_2972 copyWhen cruising apparently it is a thing that the ship has to stop at an international location – something about reducing the costs, to be honest I don’t really know. The point is, during our Alaskan cruise that left from Seattle, the ship stopped at an international port – Victoria, British Columbia.

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A Decade has Passed

IMG_20130528_105352When Dave and I were married, we officially got a new anniversary of September 29. We still, however, celebrated our old anniversary last year as it was habit really and this year, we will be celebrating it for the final time before we officially retire it. We will be celebrating it this one last time because today marks the tenth year we have been together!!

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