Westport & Perth Winter Wedding: Erica + Ryan, Sneak Peek

Perth Stewart Park Winter Wedding Photography Stephanie Beach Photography 01Mind over matter they always say and I definitely took that to heart at the end of last week as our adorable nephew seemed to have passed along a cold over the holidays. But I had a wedding to shoot and I wasn’t going to let myself be sick so anytime I would have said, “I’m sick”, instead I said, “I am going to be so sick on Sunday”. And as luck would have it, it worked (although it didn’t really wait until Sunday, as it hit me hard on the drive home).

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Museum of Nature Wedding: Caren + Jason

Caren+Jason204.02I mentioned this in their sneak peek, but Caren + Jason made my final wedding of 2013 a memorable event. Their wedding was full of so much meaning and love it took my breath away. Their ceremony was held at the Rideau Park United Church, and afterwards we headed to the the Museum of Nature in downtown Ottawa to shoot their formal portraits.

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Nature Museum Wedding: Caren + Jason, Sneak Peek

Yesterday I shot my final wedding of 2013 and Caren and Jason definitely made sure it was a memorable event.

Nature Museum Wedding Photography

After their ceremony at the Rideau Park United Church, we shot their portraits at the Nature Museum in downtown Ottawa, which served as a fantastic ending to a truly beautiful wedding day. I am loving all of the photos from their day and can’t wait to share them here in the New Year.