If you watch my Twitter or Facebook page you may have noticed a bunch of photos with quotes and inspirational phrases on them. I know they are sometimes corny, but every once in a while I find that they are actually really helpful. Every once in a while the right phrase comes across your screen right when you need it most.

Stephanie Beach Photography Inspirational Photo 1

Stephanie Beach Photography Inspirational Photo 2 (2)

I have been writing down phrases and quotes that I like whenever I come across them for some time now and recently decided to start placing them over the large collection of random photos I have from non-clients shoots (mostly from walks around the city and of course, from our travels). I won’t be posting all of them individually here, in fact, I may not post all of them here, but here are the first of the posts from the last month. They were obviously both travel related and I am sure the photos from our UK + Ireland trip will make a strong presence for these inspiration inspired posts as the landscapes we captured there were just breathtaking.