Toronto Island Wedding: Chris + Jason, Sneak Peek

toronto-island-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-02What do you say when your best friend gets married? I have written and re-written this sneak peek post a dozen times now and nothing ever seems to be enough to describe how immensely overjoyed I was this past weekend as I watched one of the very best people I know marry someone she loves so much, and who loves her just as much in return.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Kristin + Eddie, Sneak Peek

temples-sugar-bush-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-98We knew we were in for a super wet day as we drove out to Perth for Kristin + Eddie’s big day, but lucky for us, this couple embraced the rainy weather with open arms and just went with the flow.

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Major’s Hill Engagement Session: Carla + Jean-Francois, Sneak Peek

majors-hill-park-engagement-session-stephanie-beach-photography-02Downtown Ottawa can be a very busy place, full of people, cars and tons of construction. But it can also be a really peaceful place, especially if you hit it up on a not so busy evening or time. Such was the case with Carla+ Jean-Francois’ engagement session.

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Pinhey Point Engagement Session: Karine + Doug

pinhey-point-engagement-session-stephanie-beach-photography-04I left their session with what seemed like a million little burs stuck to my pants and spent the better part of 30 minutes picking them all off in my garage when I got home, but Karine + Doug’s session was so wonderful and those annoying little burs were completely worth the hassle!

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Protected: Almonte Backyard Wedding: Crystal + Greg, Sneak Peek

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