2019 Favourites: Puppies + Doggos

Kaylee-Photo-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-puppyI know I said I was all done with the recap posts, but I have a special bonus one for you and trust me, you’re going want to see this one because it truly is a cuteness overload!!

I had the immense pleasure of photographing so many adorable puppies and doggos (and a cat or two) this year! So many in fact that I decided to do this extra recap post highlighting all of my favourite images of them.

And I’m going to start with some of the tiniest ones – the puppies! When Dave’s co-worker said she was getting a puppy I randomly said something about photographing them when they were itty bitty. I really didn’t think anything would come of it but I had always wanted to do newborn puppy photos so I figured I would put it out there. Low and behold it happened and I got to spend the day with 7 teeny Pointer Pups, a mix of German Shorthair and German Wirehaired to be precise. It was seriously the best day ever! I wrapped them up like little babies and shushed them to sleep. I put a little cute bow on one of them. We piled them into an adorable wagon and got shots with all 7 of them. It was just too cute!


And as an added bonus, there were 5 of the fluffiest Australian Shepherds too! They were about a week and a half older and far more mobile, so keeping them in place for longer than a millisecond was a huge challenge, but oh my goodness were they ever cute! So cute, in fact, that one of them may look rather familiar 😉


There will be more of this little lady in about a week or so, but we wrapped up our year with another little puppy named Ruby. This little flufferbutt was so precious and the absolute best way we could have spent our last shoot of the year! She and her older sisters Gracie and Taffy were wonderful and spending the morning with her humans was pretty awesome too!


I get asked fairly often if couples and families can include their four-legged family members in their session and the answer is pretty much always yes! Whether it is an engagement or family session, or even a wedding day, I love when these furry family members make an appearance. My only tip is to make sure you have a person available to take care of them when they are not involved in the photos. It just helps them not get in the way, our couples to relax since their doggo is taken care of, and me not to get distracted by their cuteness!


Special shout out to Tinkerbell here who is the only cat to make the blog post. I don’t think she was the only cat who got in front of the lens this year (during sessions), but she was the only one I could find when I was scrolling through everything.


And of course this past year we got our very own puppy! We have been doing monthly photo sessions with our puppers since we got her (and a couple special photos the day we met her) and I will be putting together a proper post about her when we are done her first year of monthly photos, but it didn’t feel right to do a special bonus recap post all about puppies and doggos without including Kaylee. She’s our special Assistant Photographer (even has the harness labels to prove it, haha!) and although raising a puppy in the middle of the wedding season was a lot of work, it was so incredibly worth it as she bring so much love and happiness to our lives.


And there you have it, the ACTUAL last 2019 recap post. There may have been a lot of these posts this year, but I think you’ll forgive me after going through all of this cuteness!!

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