Bean Town Ranch Wedding: Alexandra + Aaron

I must admit I wasn’t super looking forward to the drive out to Plantagenet that was required to get to this wedding. It’s a long drive and although Dave let me have a power nap on the way there (thank you Sweety!), all I could think about was how far away we were from our baby. But every minute of that drive was oh so very worth it because not only was this wedding so incredibly fun, but Alex + Aaron were absolute knockouts and made our job pretty easy!

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Ottawa Studio Cake Smash + First Year Portraits: Felix

I must admit, I love our repeat clients. That probably seems like a pretty obvious statement, I mean, of course I love repeat clients that’s just basic business-sense, duh! But what I mean by this is that I LOVE our repeat clients because they are just the best people ever! They are all just so wonderful to spend time with and it has been a real honour to capture their family’s over the years. And I can think of no better example than Chandra + Yan, and their now two adorable little ones Josie + Felix!

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