Ottawa Studio Twin Newborn Session: Mia + Olivia

Whenever I post about a twin newborn session I inevitably get the same question asked of me: is it harder to do a twin session than a singleton session? And the quick answer is of, yes. But when the babies are as cute as Mia + Olivia and the parents are as sweet as Meaghan + Sammy, it is oh so very worth the extra effort!

So, the short answer was yes. But the slight longer version, is actually it’s not that much harder, at least, it’s not twice as difficult. Other than having to get the two babes to cooperate for their combined photos, the rest of the posing really does require the same amount of effort, skill, and patience (oh so very much patience) as there is still only one baby to consider for those. Now, in some cases that isn’t entirely true as when it comes to poses where one babe is put in position and then the other is on top of them, I do often grab that first baby’s photos while their sibling sits beside them. Meaning in the case of Mia + Olivia, since Olivia was every so slightly bigger than her sister, she went on the bottom of their first duo photo. And since I had planned to get this shot as a solo photo as well, this version of Olivia’s photo definitely had her sister Mia, not so gracefully posed behind her. I then cropped and edited her out afterwards as a twin session is all about getting as much done as efficiently as possible.

Which leads me to my second point, twin sessions are normally only a teensy bit longer than a singleton session.⁠ That really just comes down to how long babies will let me work with them before they are just too tired to keep going. And, if I’m honest, I am usually pretty wiped by then too! That is one thing that is likely doubled — my exhaustion levels after the session itself! Because despite how much I love my job, and how freaking adorable Mia + Olivia were, you better believe I did very little in terms of work once their session was finished and downloaded.

I would definitely do it again and again though because these two were so cute. Cute to look at of course, but also cute to listen to. Seriously folks, these little girls chirped and squeaked all session long. I wasn’t quite sure if they were talking to me or just to each other, but it was just the most adorable thing ever and I definitely hope Meaghan + Sammy get it on video one day, you know, among the sleep deprivation and keeping two tiny humans alive.

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