Ottawa Studio Newborn Session: Theodore

You never quite know how a wee babe is going to be when they show up at the studio. They could be super cranky and hate being posed or be oh so very sleepy and not really mind at all when you move them about. Most of the time they are somewhere in between and let me pose them for a little bit and then get a little cranky (which is when I typically switch to swaddled poses so they are nice and happy). But when it came time for Baby Theodore’s session I was gifted with the second sleepiest babe I have ever had in the studio!!

A lot of the time, baby’s sleep through their family photos and since I pretty much always do those first, it means their deepest sleep is almost over before they hit the posing bag. But it also means Mom + Dad have an easier time holding their babe since they aren’t wiggling about so much, so it’s all good. But Bay Theo, he was just utter perfection! He was out during his parent photos and then continued to sleep all through his posing bag photos. Within the first 45 minutes he had whipped through all the pre-planned poses, which I had anticipated taking twice as long and he was ready for more, so that’s exactly what he got. We did a few bonus poses because he was oh so very sleepy, and clearly equally adorable!!

But honestly, the thing I loved most about this session was this little babe. Theo was just the best little guy and that sweet head of hair was so amazing! That little curl in the front of his head just killed me and I of course had to make sure it poked out of his hats for his photos too!

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