Conceptual Photography: Nerd Photoshoot

A little while ago I had the chance to do nerd concept shoot with a few local models. They were fantastic (full credits given at our Flickr site, link at bottom of post) — and the shoot, well it was right up my alley!

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Conceptual Photography: 99 Luftballoons

A conceptual shoot that I have been thinking of/working on for a few years. The shots were captured in 3 sessions using approximately 12 different locations in 2 cities with 1 general concept.
This story follows a woman as she progresses from a confined, lonely and cold existence to a happy and free life.

Photographer: Me, Stephanie Beach
Concept and Implementation: Me, Stephanie Beach
Model: Christine Sweeton
Special Thanks to: David Koning

To view these photos in full, visit our Flickr set here.