I have once again bought new equipment – another tripod to be precise. I bought a Gorillapod SLR Zoom last night from Henry’s for $60. Essentially it is a small, highly adaptable tripod.


I have a small portable tripod already but it is not able to hold my (d)SLR camera and lens without toppling over and I am always worried it will damage my camera and/or equipment. As you can see from the above image this tripod is incredibly adjustable and can wrap virtually anything and still be sturdy enough to hold my dSLR camera and lens. It has an optional ball head (sold separately) but I didn’t get it as I really just need it as a backup and/or travel tripod, you know basically for when I can’t use my Slik tripod. I had been looking at this unit for quite some time but never found the need for one until now. Next week I am attending a conference in Chicago and will need to be shooting my latest assignment at the same time. Since it is half night photography, a tripod is essential and I can’t exactly lug my Slik tripod all the way down to and around Chicago easily. I am hoping that this Gorillapod does the trick and will help me get some really great shots both while in Chicago and long after.
(image from Google)