Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Victoria + Nathan

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe have been to a lot of great weddings, and a lot of weddings with absolutely hilarious moments, but I think Victoria + Nathan‘s wedding was the first where I actually paused to repeat the hilarity to Dave (which, in case you don’t know, is what I do when I find something really, really funny), because at the start of their vows, they went back and forth with their lines, and Rick-Rolled all of their guests!

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Ornamental Gardens Wedding: Jenn + Jon

Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyEight years ago I had a little Kodak point and shoot camera that went with me everywhere. I loved that little camera and despite its limitations, I could take some pretty great shots with it (if I say so myself). I loved photography and my big dream was to have my very own photography business and be able to give people photos that they loved. I truly never thought it would happen, but it was my dream nonetheless.

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