Happy Anniversary Sarah + Anders

Ottawa Backyard Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyIt seems weird to say that an entire year has passed since we were lucky enough to photograph Sarah + Anders’ wedding day. That’s  right, it was a year ago that we were and tromping through the mud, looking for the nearest umbrella or canopy for our subjects, and just generally trying to keep our gear dry. In other words, it was an amazing wedding and I would redo every sopping minute of it in a heartbeat.

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Ottawa Backyard Wedding: Sarah + Anders, Photobooth

Ottawa Wedding Photography Photobooth Stephanie Beach PhotographySo apparently I never posted about the amazing time we had at Sarah + Anders wedding after we had set up their Photobooth!! I guess it has just been so busy that I missed sharing that with everyone. (But don’t worry, the actual photos were sent to the lovely couple back when they got their other wedding photos!)

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Ottawa Backyard Wedding: Sarah + Anders

Ottawa Backyard Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have always loved England. Seriously, ever since I was little I have loved everything about the country across the pond. I love their food, culture, television, sense of humour, history, landscapes, and of course, I love their accent. I have made two big trips to England, and have loved every single second of both of those trips and I would go back in a heartbeat if I was given the chance. So when I met Sarah + Anders last year to chat about their upcoming wedding, I was super pumped to find out they were planning on incorporating aspects from her home country into their big day. One of those details was actually Sarah’s dress which was from a shop in England she used to walk past most weekends when she was younger.

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