A BlogStomp Review

Oh my goodness – how I wish I had listened to my peers and purchased BlogStomp ages ago!!
For months I had heard about the program that supposedly made blogging so much faster and easier, and I thought to myself each and every time I heard about BlogStomp, ‘I have Photoshop actions for my photos, sure they aren’t 100% automated and I still have to tweak things one by one now and then, but they were free’. Silly past-Stephanie.

I downloaded the free trial of BlogStomp and ran some images through it. It was so fast and so easy! But surely it couldn’t make the images look exactly like the one that were already on my blog…right? A few minutes later and I had created a custom setting complete with the same white border around my images and my logo in the corner. Honestly, a few minutes. And what’s this, it can post right to my blog or Social Media pages?!

From the time I downloaded the program, created a custom setting and tested a blog worth of images, about 10 minutes had passed and I was heading back to the website to get myself an activation code!!

I am now able to get images into what I call blog formation within a few minutes. I also I don’t have a second set of images with my watermark all over them as I no longer need them (I only ever used them for blogging and uploading to Facebook). The program saves me a boatload of time editing my photos for blog posts and getting them up there too. I find myself able to blog more as I don’t have to waste so much time merely changing the size, etc. of the photos and adding my logo. The only regret I have is not getting the program sooner!!

Prince of Wales Black Rapids Locks Ottawa Photography

This photo was taken a while ago at the Black Rapids Locks just off of Prince of Wales Drive. I was driving home that morning after dropping Dave off to meet some friends to go paintballing and the fog was so gorgeous. I ended up quickly driving home, grabbing my camera and then driving around the farm fields and then down to the river just as the fog was starting to burn off. It was a fantastic start to the day.

I had sat on blogging these images as every time I thought of it, I was already so tired of running photos through my blogging Photoshop actions. But with BlogStomp I was able to get them into blog formation in a flash and can now share them here with all of you.

*I would like to add a little disclaimer that I have written this post free of any payment or suggestion, etc. from BlogStomp. I merely love the program and think photographers everywhere should get it – allowing them to spend their time taking photos and making their clients happy instead of getting their images into blog formation*