Strathmere Inn & Lonestar Ranch Wedding: Jolani + Josh

Strathmere-Inn-Lonestar-Ranch-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySo I really like my birthday – like really like it. I am actually the type of person to give myself not only a birthday week, but a birthday month! But historically, I have never been able to celebrate my birthday on the actual day. When I was in university, exams always ruined the birthday spirit and all the celebrations would be postponed until after everyone had suffered through all their tests. Then when I was working as an engineer, the end of March was one of the absolute busiest times of the year and everything would once again get pushed a week or so. So when I starting working for just myself, I figured I would be able to set the day aside for celebrations – but that only works if you don’t book anything on the date.

But I didn’t mind sharing the date with Jolani + Josh for even a second! These two are so kind and wonderful that I had no problems postponing my birthday celebrations a little bit to be able to capture their wedding day! And as an added bonus, these amazing people took time out of their special day to highlight my birthday by gifting us a delicious birthday cake – how cool is that?!

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Strathmere Inn Wedding: Lindsey + Chris

Strathmere Inn Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography L+C 21My favourite wedding days always end up being the ones that we got through referrals. I think this is because we have some of the very best couples and an absolutely fantastic circle of friends who suggest us to their friends and family. And since they are acquainted with such great people, they tend to be pretty darn great themselves.

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Strathmere Inn: Lindsey + Chris, Sneak Peek

Strathmere Inn Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography L+C 02There is nothing sweeter than a classic, intimate wedding and Strathmere Inn really is the perfect place for it. The architecture, styling and overall feel of the venue is so well suited to this type of wedding and in my experience, this place also attracts just the best couples!!

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