Waiting Patiently

With every session I book, there is a period of time before the client(s) show up or before I arrive on site that I have to wait. Those who know me, know that I am not the most patient of people and that I make it so much worse on myself by being early for everything and therefore having to wait longer. Being early is a side effect of being a little impatient as I simply cannot stay at home any longer and need to head to site or start setting up the studio/equipment.

While I wait, I am almost always excited for the session to come. I am excited to meet new people or work with old friends. I am excited to see what we are going to come up with during our session and am excited for great shots. I love going through my camera and seeing shot after shot that I am super happy with.

But, I am also always a little nervous while I wait. Nervous about a new location or situation. Nervous that something may go wrong and the session just doesn’t work. But those nerves always seem to go away as soon as I pick my camera up and start doing what I love.

Right now is one of those waiting times. I am sitting at my house, waiting for a client to show up for his Headshot Portrait Session. The studio is set up and ready to go and I am full of ideas to try and make this as easy and comfortable for him as possible. But the session doesn’t start for another half hour and I have to wait – patiently. Fortunately I am at home so I am able to write this post while backing up some recent photos and running a few shots through Photoshop, so I do have something to preoccupy myself with, but I would rather be in the studio shooting away. But for now, I will keep waiting and being as patient as possible.

This is a shot that I took a few weeks ago here in Ottawa. It was a rather foggy morning and after having to get up early to drive people across the city, I saw it and new I had to stop to capture the scene. I am really happy with how it came out – despite the waiting that I had to do to get the right amount of fog.