Wedding DIY #2 – Homemade Treat Favours

Today’s Wedding DIY comes once again from Jessica + Jesse’s Wedding. They gave out a delicious treat as their wedding favour in glass jars with custom labels on them. There are lots of different things you could give to your guests in containers like this such as your favourite candy or chocolate treat, or as in this case, homemade granola. (Note: If you are using something such as nuts, peanuts, etc. make sure you let your guests know in case they have allergies.)


Materials: Mason jars or other glass jars; homemade treats (in this case delicious granola); labels

Directions: After preparing your treat and making sure your jars are nice and clean (and dry), stick labels on them. These labels could be ordered through a store like Staples, or prepared with one of many office supply products (e.g. Avery labels) that you can create on your computer and print at home. You can also order custom-designed labels online.
Decorate the outside with ribbon if desired.
Finally place the treat in the jar and close it shut.
Give to your guests and let them enjoy!