Travel Series: Home Sweet Home

As much as I love traveling, I love returning home too. When it comes right down to it, I am a homebody.
After all the new sights, tastes and experiences, after all the flights and inevitable long hours waiting in airports, I look forward to returning to my home and bed. Having my things around me when I need them and being able to contact friends and family when I want to (and be contacted when they want to).

All that being said, I always feel a little sad after returning to my normal day-to-day life after a trip. All of the planning and excitement that preceded the trip, the amazingย  travel itself, the people you met along the way, the culture, environment and experiences you were immersed in and then all of a sudden it’s all over. All of those are just memories and collection of photos and knickknack souvenirs.
Whether it’s a two-week vacation, a world-wide trip or a weekend getaway, you have likely removed yourself from your normal routine just long enough to forget all about it. Then, just as quickly as you left it, you are thrown back into your normal, seemingly boring life. And to make matters worse, there is only soย  much you can do to help this. Talking about the trip with friends and family may help a little, but eventually that is going to get annoying – to them that is. So how do you deal with this sudden lack of travel?

Plan another trip of course!

As I mentioned before, we have a few trips planned over the next year or so. Some of them are booked and others are still in the initial stages, but they all need more attention before they will be ready for us. And that, along with editing my literally thousand of images (75.87GB worth to be precise) from our trip to Seattle and Alaska (as well as BC and the Yukon), should tie me over until our next trip. And if it doesn’t I will just have to plan a day trip here and there.

Until then, this series will be on hold, but you can enjoy the below photo. It was taken on our Alaskan trip during a helicopter trip in and around the Juneau glaciers and icefield (I believe the Gilkey Glacier is coming into view here).
Alaska Skyline with Glaciers and Mountains