Victoria, British Columbia

SMB_2972 copyWhen cruising apparently it is a thing that the ship has to stop at an international location – something about reducing the costs, to be honest I don’t really know. The point is, during our Alaskan cruise that left from Seattle, the ship stopped at an international port – Victoria, British Columbia.

On the way into Victoria, we saw not only some great islands, and beautiful scenery.

Alaskan IslandDall's Porpoises

We also saw some Dall’s porpoises.

Dall's Porpoises

I am going to be honest, a few minutes after getting off the boat and landing our feet, once again in Canada, we quickly turned our phones back on and checked our emails and text messages. But after making sure there were no emergencies to deal with and sending a few return text messages, we went ahead and started enjoying the city we were sitting in.

The Empress Victoria The Empress Victoria

The architecture in Victoria was breathtaking – truly gorgeous. And yes that tree really is that red! According to the sign that was in front of it, it is the Arbutus Tree – the only native broadleaf evergreen tree in Canada. The trees grow along a narrow band along the south coast line of BC.

Victoria City Hall Victoria City Hall

We spent a fair bit of time at the Victoria City Hall as the fountain lead to some great long exposure shots and when the building lit up it created a lot gorgeous bokeh!

After taking shots while the sun was up, we spent the rest of our time trying to get some coffee – Alaska doesn’t really have either Tim Hortons or Starbucks. We made a bet about which we would find first and how many blocks we would have to walk. Since we were in BC we both agreed it would be Starbucks, but I won with four blocks as Dave bet less than four blocks.

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