Tuesday’s Top Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Dress Look Perfect on Your Wedding Day

5-Ways-to-make-your-Dress-look-perfect-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyYou spent a long time envisioning your perfect wedding dress, and whether you had a large entourage of people with you, were with just your Mom, or even if you went shopping solo, you finally found it. It may or may not have been what you had originally planned for your dress (mine turned out to be rather different than what I thought I would get), but it’s wonderful nonetheless – so much so that you probably don’t want to take it off. The amazing bridal store team helped you in and out and probably gave you a few tips on doing the same on your wedding day, but the questions still stand: Will you remember it all on the wedding day? And will you be able to articulate the instructions to your bridesmaids?

Today I am sharing some tips on how to ensure your wedding dress looks as wonderful on the wedding day as it did in your fitting and as an added bonus, that you can get into it without taking too much time.

  1. Don’t do it Alone
    Even if you bought your dress solo, I highly recommend bringing someone along with you to your fitting who will be present during your bridal preparation on the big day. They can watch the associate do up your dress, ask questions and take notes along the way. And if you can bring more than one person that is even better, that way you will have a back-up dress fitter in case the first person is busy when your dress goes on (or if they forget anything).
  1. Video the Process
    Technology is all around us these days, and pretty easy to use too. Why not have someone video the associate doing up your dress during your fitting? This way you have a recording of the whole process that can be paused and restarted as needed. Just remember to have the video sent to you so you can have it even if someone upgrades or replaces their phone.


  1. Needle and Thread
    Things happen, so definitely have some needle and thread handy just in case. This will have you covered in case a bead needs to be reattached, or if a button loosens. And if the situation arises that your eyelet breaks, you can always fix it with some thread.
    Side Tip: Try taking the thread with you to your final fitting to ensure it’s the right colour. 
  1. Double-Sided Tape is Your Friend
    Everything may feel nice and secure during your fitting, but the idea of having all those eyes on you during your big day may make you want to ensure there are no wardrobe malfunctions. Sticking a little double-sided tape on any loose bits of your dress will help you stay covered.

5-Ways-to-make-sure-your-Dress-looks-perfect-Stephanie Beach-Photography

  1. Leave the Worries Behind
    We have attended many weddings and one thing I can say for sure, the bride always looks beautiful. I think it’s a combination of the formality of the clothes, how well wedding dresses are made (they are designed to hold everything in the right place), and just the immense happiness going around, but we have yet to see a bride who didn’t look absolutely radiant once in her gown. And if things don’t go perfectly when you are putting it on, everything will work out in the end and you’ll have a funny story to tell your soon-to-be-spouse later on in the evening.


And definitely don’t worry if you forget any of this on the big day. If your photographer is anything like us (or, better yet, is us), they have a fair bit of experience with these things and will likely even have thread, tape and pins for you in case you need them (and an extra set of hand sometimes comes in handy too).

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