Ottawa Winter Engagement Session: Chloe + Jonathan

Ottawa-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWinter in Canada can be pretty harsh, and winter in Ottawa can be even worse! Now, I know there are a lot of cold places in the world, and Ottawa is not really known to be the absolute coldest (although for at least two days this year so far it has been – brr), but when you are standing outside among the cold and bitter wind, the weather can get to you, no question about that. This is even more true when you are doing all this without wearing a coat – just ask Chloe + Jonathan!

Why, you may ask, would they not be wearing coats? Well, it’s pretty simple really, they add unwanted bulk to outdoor photos. And since most people, myself included, wear black (or at least dark) coats, they also make light + airy photos, or fun colourful ones a little more difficult.

But not only did Chloe + Jonathan ditch the jackets, they did so with relatively little complaint and what’s even better is that they were so freaking amazing to work with! They even brought along fun accessories to add in to their session! Cute mugs, scarves and wraps – I was so happy as I love adding those little details into shoots.

I had such a lovely time strolling through the forest with them, getting to chat and learn a bit about them and their wedding day. And guys, it may have been cold, but the light was gorgeous! It really was the perfect winter day for your engagement session and you two totally rocked every minute of it, seriously! And I just know you are going to do the same on your wedding day (although I do hope it’s a little warmer for everyone’s sake)!


Now, I must say, as cold as it was standing around, I can pretty much guarantee you it was colder lying on the ground to get that shot! But I love my little crystal ball and incorporating it in to sessions every now and then is actually really fun!