Britannia Yacht Club Wedding: Sarah + Kelvin

Britannia-Yacht-Club-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-sunsetWhen I captured Sarah + Kelvin’s engagement session last winter I learned just how amazing they are in front of the camera, and although I didn’t really forgot that fact, I was very quickly reminded of just how fantastic they really are as soon as we had the two of them together again and in front of our lenses! Seriously guys, they are complete naturals! Such genuine emotion and adorableness I honestly just couldn’t get enough of it! I could have shot these two all day long! And that feeling was only compounded when I met the rest of their wedding party as these guys were just a ton of fun and made every second of this already wonderful day that much more awesome!

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Brookstreet Hotel Wedding: Jessica + Steve

Brookstreet-Hotel-Wedding-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThe wonderful Master of Ceremonies for Jessica + Steve’s wedding reception kicked off the festivities by letting everyone know that the Captain had put on the fasten seat belt sign and then proceeded to outline where everyone could find the emergency exits. In fact, there were more than a few flight jokes throughout their entire wedding day, but really that should have been expected considering that both the bride and groom (and several other guests) work for (and met at) Porter Airlines. And luckily, despite the shenanigans and general fun-nature of the entire wedding party, Steve only used his pilot voice for fun and didn’t have to whip it out to get anyone back in line throughout the day.

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Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Wedding: Krystal + Luke

Stanleys-Olde-Maple-Lane-Farm-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ceremony-stone-steps-guestsWe are so lucky to photograph so many beautiful wedding days. In fact, there are so many lovely days that picking highlights from our season can be tricky, but I just know that images from Krystal +Luke’s day will be included in my favourites for 2017!!

The light was perfect, the grounds of Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm (and both prep locations too!) were wonderful and their entire wedding party were genuine knockouts! And Krystal in that dress, well there simply aren’t words for how amazing she looked, but I think flawless is a pretty good start.

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Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Wedding: Krystal + Luke, Sneak Peek

Stanleys-Olde-Maple-Lane-Farm-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyFive years ago Dave and I got married, which means that around 6 years ago we were planning our big day. And like most couples, we started with our wedding venue. We knew the date we wanted (as September 29 happens to be exactly 6 months after my birthday resulting in me having the joke of getting a present every six months), but at the time we had no clue where to look for venues that would fit our personalities and the wedding we were envisioning. Eventually we stumbled across Stanley’s and we absolutely loved the atmosphere of the place with all the farm animals and of course the beautiful trees. Unfortunately we weren’t able to book there for our date, but five years and a day later we found ourselves at that very venue capturing the absolute fantastic wedding day of Krystal + Luke.

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