The Windy City

I recently spent a week in Chicago doing some training for my day job and took the opportunity to see what the Windy City had to offer.
I visited the Art Institute of Chicago and was taking away by the largest collection of haystack painting by Monet (in one place).
I spent a fair bit of time at Millenium Park, both during the day and at night, and had the chance to photograph the Could Gate (aka The Bean).
And I spent some time at the South McCormick Courtyard which is next to the Art Institute of Chicago. It is a breathtakingly beautiful space that was designed by Dan Kiley. The Fountain of the Great Lakes resides within the space and was designed by Lorado Taft between 1907 and 1913. The fountain displays five women with the water passing through them in the same fashion as it passes through the Great Lakes. The entire space was gorgeous and I took many photos during my three visits there.