Colour vs. Black & White

Bath UK Stephanie Beach PhotographyWhen I give my clients their images, they receive all photos in both colour and black & white (they also get them in both high and low resolution, but that isn’t really important for this post). I can often be heard saying that not every photo works in black & white, but this way my clients have the option and can choose for themselves which setting they prefer for each image.

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Bath, UK

Bath UK Stephanie Beach PhotographyMost of the posts from our UK + Ireland trip so far have been about specific attractions or sites encountered during our trip and haven’t included everything we saw in one city or town. The reason for this is twofold. The first reason is because we take a lot of photos. Between the two of us, we took 7,478 photos, and we didn’t have both cameras running each and every day. So if I included all the site from one city, the posts would be even longer than they already are (they would be enormously long if I included all the photos from one entire day of our trip). The second reason is because we didn’t spend too much time in actual cities or towns. Most of our stops were at attractions located in the countryside. So with all of that said, I believe this is the first post about an actual city – the city of Bath, UK.

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