Colour vs. Black & White

Bath UK Stephanie Beach PhotographyWhen I give my clients their images, they receive all photos in both colour and black & white (they also get them in both high and low resolution, but that isn’t really important for this post). I can often be heard saying that not every photo works in black & white, but this way my clients have the option and can choose for themselves which setting they prefer for each image.

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Habs vs. Leafs: The Classis Rivalry

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday!! I wasn’t home very much yesterday and therefore wasn’t able to get his birthday shots published, but here they are now!!

There is a bit of a story with these shots. The short(er) version is that my Dad is a Habs fan and my brother is a Leafs fan. Though it hurts him to do it, every year so far, my brother has put his son in a Habs jersey for my Dad’s birthday. The little guy then gets a photo taken with his Grampa in matching jerseys. Cute, huh?!


Below is the screenshot from Bridge showing the Before and After of today’s SOOC feature.


This was a shot I took of a “ferris wheel” (it is actually called the Skyview) in Niagara Falls. It is a long exposure shot done at night (f18.0, 6.0 seconds, ISO 200) that I was actually quite happy with straight of the camera. I cropped it down to 16”x20” as that is the size of print I wanted, but it wasn’t actually necessary as the original composition worked quite well. I converted the image to black and white. This was something I struggled with for a little while as I actually found the slight blue colours around the edges of the image very interesting, but the crisp whites when converted to black and white won over in the end.

The print now hangs in our main floor powder room.

Ottawa Studio Portrait Session: Alli

Alli and I had a chance to capture some portrait shots about a month ago. She wanted something nice and something with a little spice — I think we achieved that!

To view more photos from this session, visit our Flickr set here.