Keeping My Composure

I am always super happy on wedding days. Happy because I get to photograph people on one of the biggest days of their lives and happy because I am doing what I love.

Tara + Daryl’s wedding was a beautiful event and it made me happy to capture their big day. I was super happy for all my regular reasons, and then even happier because I was getting to do it while spending time with my family. But there were definitely moments where I lost my composure.

Tara’s Dad (my Uncle) passed away during my first year of university. I remember the late night phone call from my Dad telling me that his brother had died. I remember the long drive home to get to his wake. And I remember my Aunt holding my hands in hers, telling me it was okay that I miss his funeral to write an exam, that he was proud of me and would want me to do my very best on it. I cried throughout every second of that exam, but I nailed it.

Wedding Show Charms - Stephanie Beach Photography

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