Temple’s Sugar Bush Winter Wedding: Alexis + Peter:

Temple's-Country-Wedding-Sugar-Bush-Winter-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWinter weddings can be a little tricky. Of course it is cold and we need to adjust how we work outside to make sure no one gets frostbite, but there is also that pesky sun. The shorter days and earlier sunsets mean we end up with less daylight for outdoor photos, and if you aren’t super keen on having a first look (which is always our first suggestion on how to work with the shorter days), it can be a little tricky to get everything captured in the best lighting. But worry not because there are always solutions and we can work pretty darn quickly when we need to and that is exactly what we did for Alexis + Peter’s winter wedding! Continue reading “Temple’s Sugar Bush Winter Wedding: Alexis + Peter:”

Mill Street Restaurant, Brockville Wedding: Meaghan + John

Mill Restaurant Brockville Wedding Photography Stephanie Beach Photography 010I really love small weddings. Don’t get me wrong, big weddings can be super fun and full of fantastic shenanigans, but small weddings have an atmosphere that just can’t be beat. So when Meaghan + John mentioned that they were having a small midday wedding, I was super excited!

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