Tuesday’s Top Tips: 4 Reasons to Have an Engagement Session

4-Reasons-to-Have-an-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWhen I started writing out some tips to have a great engagement session I thought I may be able to come up with 5, may be even 10 – but the list kept going and I decided to break things down into some more targeted posts and as a result, for the month of June Tuesday’s Top Tips will be a weekly feature listing some of my favourite tips for having the very best engagement session!

First up, 5 Reasons to Have an Engagement Session – just in case you on the fence about the whole thing.

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Custom-Designed Photo Album: Guest Signature Book

Years from now, you will sit down with your partner and look back on  your wedding day. You will go through the video and photos, maybe even the cards you received. And if you had a Guest Signature Book you will be able to see the well wishes your friends and family gave you on that special day. This Product feature is just that – a Custom-Designed Guest Signature Book.

Custom Designed Wedding Guest Signature Book

This book was on the large size at 17″ x 11″. It was a Debossed Hardcover wrapped in Red Leather cover. The size you may want will likely depend on how many photos you want in your book compared to the room needed for signature (aka how many guests you have invited). That being said, at 40 pages long, these books provide ample space for all your favourite engagement photos, special details and lots of signatures and well wishes!!

Custom Designed Wedding Guest Signature Book

Engagement photos filled roughly half of the interior pages. Quotes of love the couple picked out with us were placed on the ‘blank’ pages leaving lots of room for the wedding guests signatures and messages.

Custom Designed Wedding Guest Signature Book

This particular album showcased the couple’s custom-designed monogram (seen as a watermark inthe above images) as well as page details that matched their colour and design scheme.