Tuesday’s Top Tips: 4 Reasons to Have an Engagement Session

4-Reasons-to-Have-an-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWhen I started writing out some tips to have a great engagement session I thought I may be able to come up with 5, may be even 10 – but the list kept going and I decided to break things down into some more targeted posts and as a result, for the month of June Tuesday’s Top Tips will be a weekly feature listing some of my favourite tips for having the very best engagement session!

First up, 5 Reasons to Have an Engagement Session – just in case you on the fence about the whole thing.

Now, I think it is important to state right from the beginning that when I first started I didn’t really do engagement sessions. In fact, for a while there, I actually thought they were kind of silly. If a couple asked me for them, I would do them, but I didn’t understand how valuable these sessions really were for you as a couple and for me as your photographer. It wasn’t until we started planning our own wedding that I started to see that these sessions were so much more than they first appear to be.

  1. Know What You Are Getting Into
    Let’s be honest, your wedding day can be kind of stressful and for some couples, the idea of getting through 1, 2 or maybe even 3 hours of portraits really makes the stress-metre soar! In my opinion, knowing exactly what is in store for you is a great way to reduce that stress and there is no better way to know than an engagement session. You get to spend a couple hours with your photographer walking around taking photos without the stress of the wedding day. You will learn how they work and vice versa. And if your photographer is anything like us, they will do their best to learn how to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of their lens. That knowledge, combined with seeing your photographer’s beautiful work featuring your gorgeous selves, will really help come the wedding day. In fact, for a lot of our couples, doing an engagement session often results in them looking forward to the portraits part of the day and being really excited for the stunning images we can create together!


  1. Great Way to Make Use of Your Hair & Make-up Trial
    One of the all time favourite tips out their for brides-to-be is to get a hair & make-up trial before the big day. But a lot of the time, you end up getting all dolled up, and then just going about the rest of your normal day. Now, there really isn’t anything wrong with that (I personally sat around after my hair trial watching some classic rom-coms), but why not try to book the trial(s) for the day of your engagement session. That way you can make the most out of how extra-beautiful you look and get a chance to see how it will photograph too!
  1. A Great Set of Photos
    For a lot of couples, your engagement session will be your first time in front of a professional photographer together. It acts as a way to not only get a great set of photos of the two of you, but also a wonderful way to mark this stage of your relationship. And, if that wasn’t enough, having a set of professional photos will be an excellent confidence booster and can really help you feel as relaxed and awesome as you should once your wedding day rolls around.
  1. They’re Actually Useful
    Engagement photos, if done early enough, can be used for so many useful and neat wedding items. If you bring along a sign or adorable item(s) with your wedding date on them, you can easily create Save the Date cards. Any if you don’t want an item like that as part of your day, any of your favourite engagement images can be used in your Save the Date and/or Invitations with the right designer. Engagement photos can be framed and used as decor or a signature gathering device on the big day. And, of course, if your photographer offers them, you can create a custom-designed Signature Guest Book from your photos to create not only a beautiful and personalized book, but also to also act as a great way to show your guests these wonderful photos all over again!
    Side Tip: If you are planning to use your photos as part of your stationary or wedding day, make sure to let your photographer know so they can help you get the session scheduled in time for you to plan those items with room to spare!


And if you are still on the fence about whether or not an engagement session is for you, check with your photographer. They likely have some great personal experience to help you make the decision.

Want more useful tips and tricks for your big day? Keep an eye out all month long for special weekly editions all about getting the most out of your engagement session!!
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