Ottawa Wellington Street Engagement Session: Sarah-Anne + Corey

Ottawa-Wellington-Street-Engagement-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI used to do surveys in different buildings around the city of Ottawa. Okay, so I didn’t do field work very often, but when I did, it was building surveys. The point is, it let me see a lot of different areas around town that I may not have spotted otherwise. The Garden of Provinces and Territories is one of those areas so when Sarah-Anne + Corey mentioned that they lived nearby I thought it would be a perfect place to start their engagement session.

During my last couple week’s at my old job I was training some new staff at a Government building downtown and we took our lunch break in the park (after a quick walk over to Sparks Street to grab some summer time drinks). The entire time we sat there, I kept thinking of how great it would be for a future session. And with the help of a wonderful couple it really did turn out so wonderfully. The mix of downtown urban feel with the natural elements throughout the park went well with my desire to infuse nature into sessions whenever possible, while still allowing us to keep the downtown element that Sarah-Anne + Corey like so much.

Originally, I had planned to walk down Sparks Street and get some more downtown elements that way, but as I mentioned in their sneak peek, Sarah-Anne + Corey preferred the Wellington Street buildings and statues, so we ventured that way instead – and I am so glad we did, because the combination of the area and the light that evening made for a really fantastic shoot!

But as with most of my sessions, the thing that made it truly awesome was the couple. Sarah-Anne + Corey were so nice and relaxed throughout the entire session it made my job so easy. And of course, I am always super happy when I get to chat about Scotland midway through the session and then about custom-built computers at the end!!


Extra special bonus preview: Sarah-Anne had made a special request to include her fluffy kitty Grisjeu in the shoot and you all know how much I love animals! He was a little nervous to be in the park without getting to scope things out beforehand, but he did a fantastic job and even sported a handsome bow-tie for the event!


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