Ottawa Love Lock Bridge Engagement Session: Alyson + Dan, Sneak Peek

Corktown-Bridge-Ottawa-Love-Lock-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-engagementFor the most part, our couples are pretty lucky with respect to weather and we don’t need to move very many of our engagement sessions around (*knock on wood*), but every year there is always one unlucky couple. That one engagement session that gets pushed back again and again because of the forecast calling for less than ideal weather. This year that honour went to Alyson + Dan (congrats guys!). We moved their session twice because of impending rain, and by the time the third date came around, we decided we were going for it no matter what the weather people were saying!

And despite a few sun showers, the weather was actually pretty decent during their session (far better than it would have been on either of the previous dates). We had to juggle around the order of operations a bit to stay covered under the Corktown Bridge during the first sun shower, but other than that I would say Mother Nature actually cooperated pretty well.

Which is really good, because honestly Alyson + Dan two deserved a great session. My afternoon spent with them was absolutely delightful! They listened to me rattle on about nonsensical things, never once complained about the weather and, best of all, they did a truly wonderful job in front of the camera!

I had been wanting to do a session at the Corktown Bridge (also known as Ottawa’s Love Lock Bridge) for quite some time, and Alyson + Dan indulged me by going ahead with the location idea (thanks guys!). We did end up having to speed up the pace of the session a bit in the hopes of missing any downpour that may have been headed our way, but we were still able to create some great images for this incredibly kind and super adorable couple!