Ottawa Surprise Proposal: Shanna + Gilles

Make-A-Wish-Rope-for-Hope-Proposal-surpriseSo you know how I had that unofficial goal to capture a proposal? And then how I got that chance earlier this year? Well apparently I really should have made it an official goal for 2017 because I got to capture another one at the Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope event we were a part of!

Yep, there I was taking photos of people as they rappel down the side of a building, when Gilles walked up and asked if I could do him a favour. And once he explained what he wanted to do, I was of course 100% on board!

But then we had to wait as Shanna was actually one of the last official rappellers to make her way down to solid ground. But that’s okay as I got a chance to chat with Gilles and learn a little about these two super fun people!

While waiting, I did try my best to communicate to Dave (who was on the roof taking photos of people as they started their descent) what was about to happen, but we didn’t come up with a hand signal for ‘keep shooting even when she gets down here because her boyfriend is going to propose’ – silly us. Fortunately, other people on the roof kept their phone on them and we were able to get the info to the roof, which means we have some pretty neat overhead images of the whole thing.

We absolutely loved being a part of this surprise and I hope Shanna + Gilles have an absolutely blast planning their wedding day!