Gatineau Golf & Country Club Wedding: Shannon + Kevin, Sneak Peek

Gatineau-Golf-Club-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bouquet-bride-groomSo I am not entirely sure why but so far this year I have been getting so incredibly nervous before we head out to weddings (or sessions in general). Now, I am a kind of anxious person to begin with when it comes to plans and making sure I am on time, but when it came to Shannon + Kevin’s wedding day I was extra worked up all morning for what seemed like no reason at all.

Dave did his best to help me out, and thankfully didn’t say anything or even seem to mind when I made us leave over an hour early because I just couldn’t sit around any longer. And really, I don’t know what I was so nervous about?! I knew Shannon + Kevin were super organized and that normally means there are less surprises throughout the day; I knew they were super fun, which normally means their wedding party is too; and I had scoped out the venue earlier in the week so I had a pretty good game plan for how the portraits were going to happen. And as added bonuses (and reasons to not be so worked up), the weather was gorgeous and we were going to get to work with some really great vendors! So yeah, all in all, I should have been feeling pretty chill before we headed out.

Luckily, despite the extra nerves, once I showed up at the bride’s prep, the same thing happened that does at all of our weddings, I instantly relaxed, found my groove and was able to do my thing. And oh my goodness guys – this wedding was amazing! Shannon + Kevin were not only stunning, but so freaking adorable together! Their entire circle of friends and family who joined them on their day was so incredibly nice (and cooperative as I continuously asked them to move out of my shot during the portraits) and the wedding party was an absolute blast to work with! We really did have a truly great time!


Okay, so I had a really hard time choosing what photos to use in this sneak peek, and I am not just being nice in saying that – I honestly did have a tremendously difficult time choosing between all the great shots we captured of Shannon + Kevin’s wedding day. Such a tough time, that I am including an extra special set of sneak peek photos. I am also including them because these two were practically pro-twirlers (yes, that is a thing now), and who can resist a beautiful twirling wedding couple at sunset?!


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