Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, 10th Annual 3 Wishes Gala

Make A Wish 3 Wishes Gala Stephanie Beach PhotographyIf there is one thing I have learned while covering weddings and events, it is that events like these don’t just plan themselves. There is a lot of time, thought and energy behind that one gorgeous day or night and when it comes to a charity event, it definitely takes an extra special breed of person to be able to pull it off.

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Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, 10th Annual 3 Wishes Gala, Sneak Peek

Make A Wish 3 Wishes Gala Stephanie Beach PhotographyWe have been so lucky this year to be a part of  Make-A-Wish events already: Wine for Wishes, the 4 Four wishes event and of course, Griffin’s wish come true. All three of these were absolute amazing. And being able to capture a wish as definitely one of the highlights of our year, without a doubt.

And just to make sure our year was even more remarkable than it already was thanks to this amazing charity, they asked us to be part of the 10th Annual 3 Wishes Gala!!

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Event Photography: DST Christmas Party 2013 at the National Arts Centre

SMB_1680I have shot the DST Christmas party since 2010 (see the previous years here, here and here) and it gets better and better each year.

This year had a great Christmas ‘tree’ decorating contest and other fun games, great door prizes and fantastic food. But the highlight of the night is always the dancing! This year had the obligatory Gangnam style and a bunch of handstands too. I know I said it last year, but these DST folk sure know how to party!!

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DST Spring Clean Up in Billings Bridge Plaza Park

Last Friday DST Consulting Engineers helped out the City of Ottawa by participating in the Spring Clean Up program. This is the second year I have shot the event for DST and fortunately they had significantly better weather – it was gorgeous out!! DST worked at the park across from Billings Bridge plaza.
The group saw these employees from Caltrio Company Ltd. who were cleaning up brush and leaves leftover from the snowy months. They were hard at work, and doing a fantastic job, but they paused for a minute to pose for a quick photo with DST. Thanks guys!
Most of the garbage in this location can be found along the water’s edge, which makes the day even better as the view is beautiful too.SMB_5590 SMB_5622
A few of the DST employees got right in the thick of the brush and helped the trees get freed from some super invasive garbage.
At the end of the day the group found a great tree and stopped to take a short, well deserved rest and take in the beautiful scenery.SMB_5727

Event Photography: DST Christmas Party 2012 at the National Arts Centre

So I was reviewing my client posts from 2012 and realized I missed posting some. I had the pleasure of covering DST’s Christmas Party for the third year (check out the previous years here and here). They once again had their festivities at the National Arts Centre, a fabulous venue.
These people really know how to party!! Party games, fancy clothes, dancing, karaoke and of course – Gangnam style!

 SMB_9327e SMB_9634eSMB_9417e  SMB_9505eSMB_9483eSMB_9727e    SMB_9655eSMB_9620eSMB_9629e