Ottawa Valley Fall Country Wedding: Melanie + Michael

It was super cold as we drove down the windy, dirt roads after Melanie + Michael’s wedding, but we still had the windows down. Why you might ask? Because I get car sick fairly easily on super winding, bumpy, hill-y roads and there was no other way to describe the route out from their quite remote wedding location.

Don’t get me wrong, it was stunning! So much so in fact, that I didn’t get too bothered on the drive up because I was so distracted by the gorgeous Fall colours. But it was getting dark on the way home, and I was very tired, so the nausea definitely set in and remained for almost the entire drive home. But it was a million per cent worth it to get to work among that beautiful nature, and with this amazingly sweet couple again!

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Ottawa Farm Wedding: Lisa + Bryson

Ottawa Wedding Photography Farm WeddingTheir wedding day was wet and cold. To be more precise, their wedding day was very wet and very cold. But everything about Lisa + Bryson’s day was still gorgeous and full of love. And to make matters even better, everyone was super chill that day. From the Bride and Groom, their entire bridal party and family even down to their guests, everyone was so calm all day long, despite the ever changing plans due to the weather. It was such a joy to photograph such a relaxed and fun wedding.

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Ottawa Farm Wedding: Lisa + Bryson, Sneak Peek

Lisa + Bryson’s engagement session was one of my favourites to date, despite how many times I fell in the snow. These two were so much fun to be around on that day that I knew their wedding was going to be no different. Their entire bridal party and all of their friends and family were such a blast all day long that they made the cold, rainy day seem warm and cheery. But, what made their wedding day one of the highlights of my career thus far, were all of the amazing and truly unique moments I was able to capture. And as an added bonus, these two really, really know how to sizzle in front of my lens!!

Ottawa Farm Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

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