Watson’s Mill Engagement Session: Melanie + Michael

Watsons-Mill-Engagement-Session-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI often get asked by couples planning their engagement session, ‘what happens if it rains?’. And I pretty much always answer with the fact that it is really up to them. Most couples choose to reschedule their session for another day, others like to roll the dice and see if the forecast is wrong, or if there will be a big enough break in the cloud to squeeze their session in. And some like to just roll with the punches and let their session be rainy.

When the forecast turned gloomy before Melanie + Michael’s engagement session, they chose to reschedule their date. So we bumped it a little bit and of course, when we showed up at Watson’s Mill for the new date, the skies were looking pretty dark, ominous, and wet!

We decided that since we were there we might as well try to get their session at least started. And this is where the final option comes into play. If in the midst of an engagement session the sky decides to dump a big pile of rain on us, there is pretty much always the option to call it a day and try again another time. So when the rain started just a few shots into Melanie + Michael’s session, we decided to try again later on in the week. Thankfully, the rain stopped long enough for us to get back to our cars, but they definitely looked like they would let loose again before the night was through. Plus, we were all soaked as despite how pretty willow trees look, they don’t provide great coverage when it comes to rain!

Watson’s Mill is one of my favourite nearby locations and I loved getting to share it with these two super sweet people. And bonus points to them, for not only working with the rain and being so awesome about rescheduling, but also for listening to my nonstop rambling – thanks guys!




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