Watson’s Mill Engagement Session: Melanie + Michael

Watsons-Mill-Engagement-Session-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI often get asked by couples planning their engagement session, ‘what happens if it rains?’. And I pretty much always answer with the fact that it is really up to them. Most couples choose to reschedule their session for another day, others like to roll the dice and see if the forecast is wrong, or if there will be a big enough break in the cloud to squeeze their session in. And some like to just roll with the punches and let their session be rainy.

When the forecast turned gloomy before Melanie + Michael’s engagement session, they chose to reschedule their date. So we bumped it a little bit and of course, when we showed up at Watson’s Mill for the new date, the skies were looking pretty dark, ominous, and wet!

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Les Fougeres (Chelsea, Quebec) Engagement: Alyssa + David

Indoor-Engagement-Session-Chelsea-Quebec-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-winter-wineI first met Alyssa + David in a coffee shop halfway between our two homes. We chatted for a good long while about their plans. When they mentioned that they wanted to do their engagement session at a restaurant, I felt it was oh so fitting to keep with the cute indoor settings.

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Les Fougeres (Chelsea, Quebec) Engagement: Alyssa + David, Sneak Peek

Indoor-Engagement-Session-Chelsea-Quebec-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-coffee-shopAlyssa + David had planned for a primarily indoor engagement session from the get-go, so when the weather called for a boatload of rain on the day of their session (in February), we all figured it didn’t really impact the plans too much. It’s funny how things work out in the end really, as for most of our couples, that much rain on their session date would end up in having to rescheduling the whole thing to another (hopefully) drier day.

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